Friday, February 18, 2011

Sonos is the Bomb

Today I am reviewing one of the most unsung yet amazing tech products ever invented. Of course, I am referring to the Sonos music system. Not much to look at,

but a great product. In fact, it is the only thing we have ever purchased that actually improved over time. Here is how it works. The Sonos is a device to play music from the computers in your house, or the internet. No need for stereos, cd players, iPods, or radios any more, just one box with speakers (or several boxes), and an iPod like controller. At first the Sonos could only play music we had ripped to the computer. Later, it added various subscription music services, like Rhapsody. Initially the Rhapsody required the computer to be turned on to work, but later Sonos changed the software to allow Rhapsody streaming directly to the Sonos. Later radio stations, either local or worldwide were added to the mix. You can still attach your iPod or other device.

Our system has four boxes, that can operate independently, or in any combination. All four together is party mode. They communicate wirelessly, requiring only the connection to power and one or two sets of speakers. This gives maximum flexibility in their placement throughout the house. If you have a backyard party, you can just move the box and speakers outdoors. Speaking of parties, you can build playlists consisting of hundreds of songs themed for the party and can mix between streaming and home computer sources for the music. (For the very nerdy, you can even play from independent networked attached storage or an iPod you connect to your network.) We have a Halloween themed list that starts with the Monster Mash and has the Bloodletting by Concrete Blonde, for example.

Other amenities include a search function for Rhapsody that often finds obscure or hard to find songs. (Rhapsody requires a $12.99 per month subscription.) You can also download controllers that operate on the computer (Mac or PC), so the family doesn't have to fight over the one controller. It also has a simple equalizer if you need to adjust the sound.

As I said, this is the most amazing tech acquisition Mrs. Daddy and I have ever made, we recommend it highly.

FTC Disclaimer: I may or may not have received valuable consideration in the form of swag, jack and/or coin to endorse these products. I am not saying and have the right not to do so.

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  1. So that's the new system. How do you get it in your car?