Monday, February 21, 2011

Ale Review - Avery Brewing Salvation Ale

Sampled Avery Brewing's Salvation - Belgian Sytle Golden Ale. It was a little lighter in color than some other Belgians I have sampled. I admit to not being a big fan of this style in the first place, but really enjoyed this ale. The label is a bit tongue in cheek, calling itself the "Holy Trinity of Ales."

Waynok and I sampled from the 22 oz bomber, which had a nice clean pour, not much head. What struck me right away was the spicy flavor to this beer. Even though the label touts apricot and peach flavors, the cinnamon is what I first noticed, along with the higher than average ABV at 9%, it also has a little more hoppiness than the standard Belgian. The peaches came through more in the aftertaste. It also had a very full feeling while drinking it, insisting that it be sipped. This is a nice after dinner beer, very full and flavorful. My grade is an A-.

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