Saturday, May 22, 2010

Windows on iMac - This is the Bomb!

I am a long time Windows user who always had trouble getting used to the MAC operating system even though there are two Macs in the house. On Friday, I bought a new iMac, because I thought it would actually be easier to transition my work to the iMac instead of a new Windows machine. This is due to the magic of VMware Fusion. I loaded up the VMware product on my iMac as well as some enabling software on my old Windows machine. I kicked off a program overnight and voila, an image of my old machine was now on my iMac in the morning.

This was a far easier experience than I have ever had when buying a new computer. There were a few hiccups, but they weren't too bad.
1. Nobody mentioned that I would have to disable the firewall on my old Windows machine.
2. Windows wanted me to re-register the operating system. It took a while to figure out the magic words to say to get them to give me a new product key.
3. I am still having a difficult time dragging and dropping out of Windows to the Mac. Works great the other way.

The Windows image starts up way, way faster than on the original hardware. Now I have the best of both worlds on a blazing fast iMac (quad core, 8Gb Ram, 1 Tb hard drive.) Certain programs, like my smart card reader and middleware, that don't run well or at all on the Mac run just fine. Don't ask me how the underlying Mac can't run something that Windows image can.

The iMac itself is a marvel of spare design and simplicity, there are almost no wires on my desktop, making Mrs. Daddy very happy. The screen is huge and the processing fast.

FTC Disclaimer: I may or may not have received valuable consideration in the form of swag, jack and/or coin to endorse these products. I am not saying and have the right not to do so.

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