Sunday, January 31, 2010

Restaurant Review - Blue Water Seafood

The whole B-Daddy family had a late lunch at Blue Water Seafood on India St. today. It is located a little north of Little Italy in an area of San Diego that I do not much frequent, even though it is fairly close to home. It was very crowded on a Sunday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. speaking well of its word of mouth reputation. It compared very favorably to my long time San Diego seafood favorite, Point Loma Seafoods on the Shelter Island waterfront on Scott and Emerson.

I don't know if they were consciously emulating the Point Loma style, but there were many similarities, from the very casual indoor/outdoor/patio dining style, to the display of fish on ice as one enters to order. They offer all of their fresh fish in three styles, Sandwich, Salad or Plate. Mrs. Daddy and I opted for the plates, with our halibut and red snapper, respectively, prepared in a style they called bronzed. It was the most lightly breaded manner I have ever seen fish prepared, and was perfect for keeping the fish moist and flavorful. From the taste, the fish was obviously fresh, as well.

In the beer department, they had a small but reasonable variety of bottled beers, and no PBR. But where they excel, is in the full line of Ballast Point brews on tap. Unfortunately, they were out of the Yellowtail Pale Ale, so we opted for a pitcher of Wahoo Wheat. It was perfect with the fish plate. Another way I prefer them over Point Loma is in the salad. They offer a nice mixed garden salad with fresh greens, much better than cole slaw. Also, the jasmine rice is a nice alternative to fries.

The youngsters were very please with their fish and chips and clam chowder. I should also mention that they offer a number of chilled shrimp and fish cocktails, ceviches, etc.

I have to rate this a bit above Point Loma, a place I have been loyal to since 1984.


  1. I was dissapointed with the Point Loma place we went to for lunch, the same? It seems like we can get over-breaded tasteless overpriced ocean-crunch anywhere.

    Looking for lightly battered, flakey cod, with "real" malt vinegar, go inland for the fish n chips at DZ Akins!

  2. 'Dawg, never tried DZ for the fish. I am always interested in scarfing down the tongue and brisket that I never get at home.

  3. I am mistaken, DZ has no fish n chips, I sent you a link for the other place. We ended up going there instead of DZ where we usually go.

    I usually get my tongue Mexican style but I usually get the Rueben at DZ. I change it up for the lox plate once in a while, but I'm stuck in a rut.

    Hey, how about those pickles at the table side, do they have a familiar taste? I'm thinking of Pop's batch when we were kids?