Sunday, January 3, 2010

Norv Turner - Genius?

I admit to being a big critic of Norv Turner over the last two years. I have found his offenses unimaginative and predictable, not taking advantage of the amazing talent he has available. The current win streak has caused me to tone down my rhetoric a bit, as the results have been speaking for themselves. As Coach Parcells said, "You are what your record says you are." One of my theories about the NFL is that you need to go into the playoffs with momentum. I first formulated this theory in the mid-90s when I saw a San Diego team needing a final regular season victory over Pittsburgh, beating Pittsburgh, who had already clinched. Later in the playoffs, Pittsburgh, heavily favored lost to that same Charger team.

When Turner pull the starters with the lead only 10-0, I was apoplectic. Sure enough the hapless Redskins were ahead by halftime. But lo and behold, a Billy Volek led Charger offense was able to pull of the comeback and beat the Redskins 23-20. Amazing. Not only does San Diego get the win, but some quality playing time for reserves, who show the real depth of this San Diego roster by pulling out the win.

So I am compelled to ponder the unponderable, is Norv Turner a genius?

Maybe the playoffs will tell.

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  1. Things worked out perfectly yesterday. Starters got some reps. 2nd stringers performed well. Chargers get the win but most importantly, no one got hurt.

    I am reserving judgement on Norv until the playoffs. However, going 13-3 after a 2-3 start and with some devastating injuries on both the offensive and defensive lines, this was, by far, Turner's best coaching performance.