Sunday, March 6, 2011

What is Important - Today's Memorial Service

I went to a memorial service for a family friend today and was given a sharp reminder of what's truly important. Judy did not write a blog, never ran for office, and didn't run a business, yet hundreds of people turned out for her service. Why? She touched the lives of so many people through the love and generosity of her life. She was a friend to everyone who came into her life, especially her family. Always thinking of how she could help others, even when she was in the last stages of cancer, she was known for a beneficence of spirit that impacted the world around her. Now she is sorely missed, even though we have the assurance that she is with the Lord. And it gives me pause to examine what is important in my own life. And I am sad that I never told her how grateful I was for the friendship she gave to our family, especially my Mom. But I also know she would have said that no thanks were necessary.

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