Saturday, March 12, 2011

B-Daddy's P-cakes

This morning I started to make some weekend pancakes, and was bored and unenthusiastic about the effort. I'm a firm believer that in my role as Dad, I should have a breakfast specialty. It's important to be able to do a few things in the kitchen and builds relationships. Pancakes fit the bill. Today, I decided to pull together a number of ideas I have had or tried over the years, this is the result.

First, this recipe can start with whatever your base recipe might be. I realize that most of us don't make pancakes totally from scratch, so this recipe is intended to supplement whatever recipe is your base. I will use a store brand mix recipe for illustration.

Base recipe for 12 pancakes:

Dry mix - 2 cups
Milk - 1-1/2 cups but we are reducing this to 1-1/4 cups due to the extra liquid in our supplement below.
Eggs - 2
Oil - 2 Tbsp

B-Daddy's supplement:

Lemon Juice - 2 tbsp
Baking powder - 2 tsp
Granular Sugar - 3 Tbsp
Vanilla - 2 Tbsp
Beer - 1/2 cup (I recommend a bock or dark lager like Longboard Lager.)
Quaker Oats Instant Oatmeal (Maple & Brown Sugar) - 2 packs

Mixing the batter:

In mixing bowl, lightly beat eggs, and add the liquid ingredients (milk, oil, lemon juice, vanilla) but not the beer, also add the sugar. Stir to an even consistency. Add the beer.

Separately mix the dry pancake mix, oatmeal and baking powder.

Add the dry mix to the liquid and blend with a fork until at an even consistency, but small lumps can remain. (Do not over blend.)

Using 1/4 cup portions, pour the batter on a lightly buttered griddle. Flip when the bubbles have mostly formed (a little sooner than with your traditional recipe.)

I may experiment in the future with increasing the beer and decreasing the other main liquid, whether it be milk or water.

Some notes on the theories behind this recipe.
The carbonation from the beer helps lighten the pancakes, as does the combination of the lemon juice and baking powder. The sugar makes the pancakes sweeter, but also causes the edges to carmelize more quickly, hence the need to flip the cakes sooner than otherwise. The oatmeal makes for a heartier consistency. Cooking with butter? Well that should be obvious.

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And yes, I drank the rest of the beer.

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  1. Dashing frozen blueberries in the "just poured" pancakes is a great addition. The blueberries thaw without making a crazy color to the pancakes.