Sunday, June 6, 2010

Restaurant Review - Offshore Tavern & Grill

Mrs. B-Daddy here, otherwise known as Tiger Lily, if I ever start a blog. Seems like I should give it a go since every other member of my family has their own blog. I am reviewing the Offshore Tavern and Grill on Morena Blvd. B-Daddy and I went tonight to try out this neighborhood place and liked it quite a bit. It helped that the Lakers were playing on the numerous flat screen televisions placed on every square inch of wall in the tavern. It was also nice that the Lakers were coming back from a dismal first half that my husband informed me was a sure sign they would lose. My comment was, “hey it’s half time, they can, they have and they will come back strong.” Even though they eventually lost, they did come back and take the lead in the third quarter. I was pleased to see this happen as I know what this team is capable of. I do not watch basketball as much as I used to, but should, as I love the sport.

Anyway, the Offshore Tavern and Grill is a place my handsome brother-in-law Dean would like. It has a good assortment of local brews on tap (we had the Ballast Point Yellowtail Pale Ale) pretty waitresses that are efficient and pleasant, a nice looking wood bar, a pleasant view and the aforementioned flat screens all over every wall. The food was decent, with very generous portions and the price was right. It is near another place on Morena Blvd. that Dean likes, The High Dive. I give this place a thumbs up and hope to have some good times here with family and friends.


  1. Bdaddy is kind of a "half-full" type of Lakers fan? I would've never guessed!

  2. I've watched a lot of basketball and I based my judgment on a lot of little things I saw, the loose ball they couldn't get, the wide open three that didn't drop, Artest's amazing inconsistency. Just calling it like I see it. And yes, I want the Lakers to win every single game, but sometimes you know it isn't their night.