Saturday, June 12, 2010

Quickie Restaurant Review - Phil's

Waynok has a short restaurant review of Phil's as part of a birthday post for mew2ds over at Project Scatterbrain. We had a great time; I must say I favor the beef ribs over the pork baby backs, but they were both delicious. What Waynok didn't mention was the nice selection of local craft brew on tap at Phil's, making it the perfect place for ribs. It is darn close to Rendezvous in Memphis, where the section of the menu for chicken and other non-rib items says "Hard as it is to believe, not everyone eats ribs every chance they get."


  1. I'm sure glad I wasn't hungry when I read this. I gotta go

  2. I'm very proud that a San Diego establishment can compete (and maybe even beat) a deep south BBQ joint.

  3. Dawg, let's go next time your in town.
    B@man, you're invited too.