Sunday, February 7, 2010 Is Unethical - Avoid Them

Mrs. Daddy recently ordered flowers for a friend from the web site. Next thing we know, we are enrolled in something called Encore Marketing Easy Rewards program and monthly billing has commenced against our credit card. This was certainly not authorized, and these jackals have been sued for this before. The way it works is that you are asked if you want to "earn" $15 savings, once you click yes, without any terms or conditions offered, a new window popped up. Mrs. Daddy closed that window, but we were billed anyway and more worrisome, our credit card information given to another business. I have filed a complaint with the California Department of Consumer Affairs and posted a bad review on line, but just wanted to warn my readers. This isn't the first or even second case I've had of fighting on line fraud, and I am going to keep fighting back. Hope some jackass from their company reads this and tries to sue; even if Google takes down this post, it is going to cost proflowers far more than any business they ever get from me.


As a manager, I question why a legitimate business would go down this path. They are clearly going to get smacked down and it will ultimately ruin their brand name. As folks get motivated to fight back.


  1. They also send "rebate" checks-- that, in the fine print on the back, where it usually say something like "put your signature here, the penalties for forgery are X, Y and Z", says "by cashing this check you are signing up for a $20/month program to be advertised at, and we can put it on your credit card."

  2. These guys are regular KFI sponsors. KFI has broadcasted very plainly they want abuse reported. This would sting them very hard.