Saturday, September 25, 2010

Most Exciting Draw Evah

But still... a draw. I had assumed that the AFL Grand Final last night (PDT) wouldn't be on TV, since ESPN seemed to be putting all their other AFL action on Fortunately, I stumbled on the game in time to catch most of the second half and watch my adopted team, the Magpies, squander a 24 point halftime lead. St. Kilda ended up taking a late lead, but the Magpies struggled back to a one point lead. Unfortunately, Hayes of the Saints managed an amazing one point behind as it took two odd bounces to make it through the goal. Details here.

Better yet, watch the ending yourself. Collingwood Magpies are in black and white vertical stripe, the St. Kilda Saints are in white.

This is the perfect sport to fill the time between the NBA finals and the start of the college football season. But seriously, for Michele's Aussie cousins I have one question, a draw? In the the equivalent of the Super Bowl, there's no rule to conclude the game? Are you kidding me?

This game lends itself to so many really good options. To help out the Aussies and convince ESPN to broadcast more of this great sport I offer the following options so that the Grand Final doesn't end in a draw, waiting another week for a replay.

  1. Sudden death. Like American footy, except perhaps you have to score a goal, not just a behind to win. Maybe you could also win on six behinds.
  2. A ten minute overtime period, sort of like basketball, the game that Aussie Rules Football most reminds me of.
  3. First team to score 9 points or similar, that might be interesting, because getting some behinds would also count for something.
So Aussies, I await your comments. I dare you to defend this outcome on other than economic benefit to the owners.

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