Friday, August 20, 2010

The B-Daddy Channel

We're going with Social D this weekend, at both blogs. Here they are covering the Man in Black performing "Ring of Fire."

But since this is a cover, it is only just that we post the original:


  1. Great cover, great song, give June Carter and Merle Kilmore credit for the assist.

    Social D recieved a lot of flak & kudos alike for their cover, but none like Adam Lambert when he performed the piece on American Idol for country night. Randy Travis was quoted as 'speechless" I thought it was great!

    Give it a shot:

  2. 'Dawg, sorry, didn't much like it. But I am totally down with the thought that we should be looking at different covers to expand our musical taste; I loved the Dolly Parton cover of Stairway to Heaven for instance; Mrs. Daddy, not so much.